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(ĭm-păn′əl) also em·pan·el (ĕm-)
tr.v. im·pan·eled, im·pan·el·ing, im·pan·els or im·pan·elled or im·pan·el·ling also em·pan·eled or em·pan·el·ing or em·pan·els or em·pan·elled or em·pan·el·ling Law
1. To add or include (a person's name) on a list of persons selected for jury duty.
2. To select (a jury) for trial from such a list.

[Middle English empanellen, from Anglo-Norman empaneller : en-, in (from Latin in-; see in-2) + panel, piece of paper listing jurors, jury; see panel.]

im·pan′el·ment n.
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Jury impanelment was suspended Friday because Judge Daniel M.
plea; (2) every trial stage, including jury impanelment and the return
"If we had another case that rose to that level, I would be asking an impanelment of the House Judiciary Committee to review it for possible impeachment procedures," Kyle said.