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Noun1.impartation - the transmission of information
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
giving - the imparting of news or promises etc.; "he gave us the news and made a great show of the giving"; "giving his word of honor seemed to come too easily"
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Equally important is the need for the impartation of and adherence to values, attitudes and ethics that young people earnestly need in order to build a strong sense of personal integrity.
I read Kevin's writing with interest, an open mind, and expectancy as I explored new revelation, angel visitations, activations, and impartation. I also prayed for spiritual discernment.
'It's sad we have lost a statesman and religious leader whose zest for uprightness and capacity for impartation would be greatly missed by all and sundry,' he said.
cultures embrace the impartation of wisdom and insight and sanction it
There will be breakout sessions with supernatural testimonies, worship, healing power and impartation. Speakers include Justin Allen with Global Awakening of Pennsylvania; Shawn Hurley with Happy Hands in Massachusetts; Josh Adkins with Loft Church, Brent Kelley with Ignite of Tennessee, Cathy Jourdan with Loft Church, and Dr.
Kerygma means "news, declaration, decree, and announcement." (26) Koinonia means "participation, impartation or fellowship." (27) From the meaning of these concepts, it is not difficult to relate them to diakonia and poverty.
On September 12, Mr Ontumetse Ontumetse, a student of Master of Politics and International Relations, said at a memorial service that Professor Tsie had greatly impacted a lot of livelihoods through impartation of knowledge spanning many years.
involve, without fail, the impartation of some message or information.
By understanding how secondary and postsecondary educational opportunities can invest in human capital through the impartation of vital knowledge and skills, it is possible to create a workforce that is not only more valuable and desirable to employers (Paranto & Kelkar, 2000), but also better equipped to face the challenges that arise in everyday life.
Universities now follow the semester system of education which he argues, besides impartation of state-of-the-art education, demands constant monitoring and evaluation of the students.
By implication, teachers, regardless of their level of teaching and the caliber of their students need to have access to relevant information resources in order to enhance their teaching abilities and performances for knowledge impartation and teaching effectiveness.
Zubair praised the role of the LUMHS towards the impartation of higher education.