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1. Devoid of or not subject to emotion.
2. Revealing no emotion; expressionless.
3. Archaic Incapable of physical sensation.
4. Motionless; still.

[in- + passive, suffering (obsolete).]

im·pas′sive·ly adv.
im·pas′sive·ness, im′pas·siv′i·ty n.
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Adv.1.impassively - in an impassive manner; "he submitted impassively to his arrest"
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بدون تأثُّر، ببرود أعْصاب


[ɪmˈpæsɪvlɪ] ADVimpasiblemente, sin inmutarse
he listened impassivelyescuchó impasible or sin inmutarse
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[ɪmˈpæsɪvli] advimpassiblement
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(imˈpӕsiv) adjective
not feeling or showing emotion. an impassive face.
imˈpassively adverb
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References in classic literature ?
She and Martin had less than ever to say to each other, though in his own grim way he was more thoughtful, giving her to understand that there were no longer any restrictions laid upon her purchasing, and even suggesting that they remodel the house; as if, she thought impassively, at this late day, it could matter what she bought or in what she lived.
"You'll call when you're ready for cheese," said Sally impassively.
He commenced to speak at some length, very impassively, very deliberately.
It was uttered impassively, as the bird sings his note.
I am seldom out in the streets after dark," said the little man impassively, "and never very late.
"There are American vendettas," said the priest impassively. Then he added: "They want you to come to the library and see it."
Christchurch -- The man accused of shooting dead 50 Muslim worshippers in a Christchurch mosque sat impassively Friday as a New Zealand judge ordered him to undergo tests to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial for murder.
Australian-born 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant appeared in the dock wearing handcuffs and a white prison shirt,sitting impassively as the judge read a single murder charge against him.
NALTAR -- Skiers descend in long, rhythmic swoops down pristine white slopes in northern Pakistan, braking in a spray of snow as soldiers carrying semi-automatic weapons watch impassively.
NALTAR:Skiers descend in long, rhythmic swoops down pristine white slopes in northern Pakistan, braking in a spray of snow as soldiers carrying semi-automatic weapons watch impassively.Dozens of athletes took part at a rare international competition in the South Asian country, which boasts some of the world's highest mountains but remains off-piste for most winter sports enthusiasts after years of conflict and a lack of infrastructure.
Wenger sat impassively in his dug-out, and his misery was complete as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missed a penalty.
The defendants stood impassively in the dock, flanked by eight dock officers, as they were asked to confirm their name, date of birth and nationality.