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Noun1.impeachability - the state of being liable to impeachment
guilt, guiltiness - the state of having committed an offense
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I have strong doubts about the impeachability of the offenses with which Chief Justice Sereno is charged.
And what spewed from their mouths was all petty stuff, internal gripes, and administrative grievances that were miles away from even a hint of impeachability.
(92) This analogue makes sense in the impeachment context only if we treat the House's view of impeachability as carrying dispositive weight.
2000), which explains why President Clinton's acquittal may "be construed by subsequent congresses as rejecting the House's judgment on the impeachability of the President's misconduct," and David Weigel, Who Said Impeachment?
The resulting challenges derive from, generally speaking, fundamental operational characteristics of these systems that can vary widely from records management and digital records norms, giving rise in turn to potential impeachability on grounds of unreliability and untrustworthiness, as well as unfitness for the stated business of the industry itself, clinical care, whether by design or by use, known or unknown.
(165) His blunderbuss attack can be broken down into four separate objections: nondelegation, nationality of the judges, extraterritorial courts, and impeachability. (166) First, the judicial power is vested in Article III courts and thus cannot be given to other kinds of tribunals.
The power of the Catholic church is now on the wane, 2,000 years of 'ideological sheep-dipping', their previous impeachability now being questioned, their propaganda not so easily accepted in 2004.
His proposal--to be very brief--is to tackle the proposals of the Drys and demonstrate their impeachability, and to link wine to other products which can cause harm if improperly used, such as beef, autos, football and milk.
The issue of impeachability will arise only in a smaller subset of all cases, because many defendants will not take the stand, and many of those who do will not perjure themselves in a manner impeachable by their earlier confession, so the benefits of expanding the doctrinal test beyond voluntariness are not as great in this context.
But it was Starr who, in effect, had the first opportunity to define the scope of impeachability. He presented a lengthy document and numerous boxes of evidence to the House, to which the Judiciary Committee would have to react.
Conduct that is just as harmful to the public as treason or bribery, for example, would evade impeachability if that conduct failed to meet the technical, formal definitions of the codified offenses.