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1. Having no flaws; perfect. See Synonyms at perfect.
2. Not capable of sinning or not liable to sin.

[Latin impeccābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + peccāre, to sin; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

im·pec′ca·bil′i·ty n.
im·pec′ca·bly adv.
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Noun1.impeccability - the quality of being without an error or fault
correctness - the quality of conformity to social expectations
2.impeccability - the quality of being exempt from sin or incapable of sinning
righteousness - adhering to moral principles
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Augustine Toe recently published by FrontPage Africa are not only damaging and deleterious, but they have brought the integrity and impeccability of Liberia's premier anti-corruption watchdog (LACC) into question.
Furthermore, the critics say his arrogance and sense of superiority renders it impossible for him to see the truth; he has full faith in the veracity and impeccability of his model.
Youssef Hussein, an online satirist and supporter of Morsi, dedicated his online show Joe Tube to criticizing the military while breaking down its myth of impeccability.
The poet introduces a medley of early childhood attributes and images in order to bring to life adolescenza in his poem, especially through those childlike traits that foreground the need for an adult's support such as portability, fearfulness, nescience, emotionality, reliance, and incomprehension; nonetheless, childhood innocence, as a state of complete impeccability and blamelessness, is the only trait excluded from being applied to the pilgrim and understandably so: the pilgrim could have never been portrayed in a condition without the possibility of sinning.
Meanwhile, the recent most attacks (in France, Belgium and Denmark) further strained the already charged anti-Muslim and anti-Islam atmosphere, and therefore demand further effort on part of theMuslims in Europe to ascertain the impeccability of their community.
When, in its rarity but impeccability, my heart and mind were in sync when it came to matters of the heart as lovely as you.
8221; titled “Ethics in Shamanic Practice: Hard Choices”, Pratt explores the common hard choices we face when we endeavor to practice the powerful art of shamanic healing with integrity and impeccability when we are desperate and afraid.
I wanted to compress the essential knowledge of the railway--its basic civilizational memory--into some tight paragraphs and arrange them into a narrative that would keep the pages turning while retaining historic impeccability.
As many have persuasively argued over the last few weeks, it is Israel that singles itself out: through its claims to moral impeccability, its celebrated status as a democracy, through its receipt of massive support from the US and other nations, and through its abuse of the memory of the holocaust in order to deflect criticism and to discredit the Palestinian struggle -- on this point, we wish to express our solidarity with the more than 300 holocaust survivors and their descendants who have recently called on the world to take action to stop Israel's crimes against the Palestinians.
20: MAZIJ (P Mulrennan 14-1) 1; Impeccability (6-1) 2; Rainford Glory (10-11f) 3 9 ran.
When economists speculate about why people's behavior is rational (which is what they do when cracking the rational riddles), the result of such scientific effort--all its sophistication, ingeniousness and formal impeccability notwithstanding--is either correct, but not new (i.
The flipside of such impeccability, however, is that they are "held to standards that are rarely, if ever, expected of White male colleagues.