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1. One that impels, as a rotating device used to force a fluid in a desired direction under pressure.
2. A rotor or rotor blade.


1. (General Engineering) the vaned rotating disc of a centrifugal pump, compressor, etc
2. (General Engineering) a compressor or centrifugal pump having such an impeller


(ɪmˈpɛl ər)

1. one that impels.
2. a rotor for transmitting motion, as in a centrifugal pump, turbine, or fluid coupling.
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Noun1.impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
rotor - rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils; "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"
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Tenders are invited for Air Curtain Complete With Radial Flow Fan Impellors And Electrical Motor Size- 59 Inch Ehv Type Technical Perticular And Make As Per Annexure- I,Make-Avro, Rebusfix, Bajaj.
Solvents dissolve oil, grease, and rubber," she continued, "Spill responders have told me that the hard rubber impellors in their engines and the soft rubber bushings on their outboard motor pumps are falling apart and need frequent replacement.
Workers on the Vessels of Opportunity (the lemons-into-lemonade name given to BP's cleanup fleet) have told me that their hard rubber impellors are falling apart and need frequent replacement; divers say they have had to replace the soft rubber o-tings on their gear after dives in the Gulf.