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Noun1.imperative form - a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior
modality, mood, mode - verb inflections that express how the action or state is conceived by the speaker
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In the western world and Europe, the sweet spread is an imperative form of breakfast or snack option and this trend is likely to expand in other countries, which still follow their own traditional ways of spreads, for example, in India, people apply homemade sugar and salt-based spreads on their bread.
Shema is the imperative form of the word 'Hear, O Israel".The Shema is not a statement of faith, rather it is his injunction placed upon the Jewish nation by God.
However, in its application, the imperative form is not always meaningful mandatory.
Suffice to say that the very same magnetism that had drawn me to the Gospels at the age of 11 was present in a new and deeply imperative form. This book was telling me, just as I could tell Jesus had been telling me, about matters of ultimate concern.
imperative form of swq 'to leave, let, allow', is a calque on local Ar.
On the one hand, there are semantic misgivings: because of the 'middle voice' character of verbs of the csuklik type, their imperative form is "superfluous".
Some pieces are based on poetic themes while others feature Quarnic verses, but on the whole, the selection emerges as a series of teachings, often drafted in imperative form.Aa
Couched in the book's driest, no-frills language--expect most sentences to begin with the imperative form of a verb, as in "Observe the dynamic markings scrupulously" (p.
In terms of directives, the socio-linguists describe a spectrum from the 'harshest' (imperative form) to the least directive which is hinting; "generally regarded as more polite".
The hypothesis that the future suffix -hi- and the imperative ending -hi can be etymologically identical is supported by the existence of MI homonymous pairs of an imperative form and a future stern: from e-'go' we have Pali chi (Th175) 2nd sg.
Livonian forms of the reported imperative include the imperative particle las and the imperative form of the verb.