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 (ĭm′pə-rä′tôr′, -tər)
1. An army commander in the Roman Republic.
2. The supreme power of the Roman emperor.
3. The head of state and supreme commander in the Roman Empire, in whose name all victories were won.

[Latin imperātōr; see emperor.]

im·per′a·to′ri·al (ĭm-pĕr′ə-tôr′ē-əl) adj.


1. (Historical Terms)
a. (in imperial Rome) a title of the emperor
b. (in republican Rome) a temporary title of honour bestowed upon a victorious general
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a less common word for emperor
[C16: from Latin: commander, from imperāre to command]
imperatorial adj
imˌperaˈtorially adv
ˌimpeˈratorˌship n


(ˌɪm pəˈrɑ tər, -ˈrɑ tɔr, -ˈreɪ tər)

1. (in imperial Rome) emperor.
2. (in republican Rome) a temporary title accorded a victorious general.
[1570–80; < Latin imperātor; see emperor]
im•per•a•to•ri•al (ɪmˌpɛr əˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-) adj.
im•per`a•to′ri•al•ly, adv.
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Discurses novus de Imperator Romano-Germanico reveals his ideas about the independence of Germany from the Roman Empire, and contributed to the controversies surrounding the transition from medieval forms of universal governance to the modern world of sovereign nation states.
Vibius Pansa; as tribune of the people, he vetoed anti-Caesarian measures in the Senate (51); was made governor of Bithynia-et-Pontus (region on the southern shore of the Black Sea) by Caesar (47-46); was ordered west to be governor of Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy) (45), where he served for less than a year (early 44); elected consul with Aulus Hirtius (43); ordered to relieve Decimus Brutus at Mutina (Modena), where he was besieged by Mark Antony; after levying troops and reestablishing order in Rome, he departed to join Hirtius at Mutina (March 19); defeated Antony's army and forced him to retreat, but was badly wounded (April 14); returned to Rome, and was proclaimed imperator along with Hirtius and Octavian; died of his wounds soon after (April 23).