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Lacking perception; not perceptive.

im′per·cep′tive·ness, im′per·cep·tiv′i·ty n.


lacking in perception; obtuse
ˌimperˈception n
ˌimperˈceptively adv
ˌimpercepˈtivity, ˌimperˈceptiveness, ˌimperˈcipience n


(ˌɪm pərˈsɛp tɪv)

not perceptive.
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The practical advantages of her supposedly gullible and imperceptive nature are also illuminated by comparing Catherine to Emma's Miss Bates, whom the narrator describes as having "no intellectual superiority to...frighten those who might hate her, into outward respect," and about whom Emma similarly remarks, "nobody is afraid of her: that is a great charm" (20, 91).
Byron Ashton Bedlinog Guns for teachers would be insane TRUMP'S imperceptive grasp of reality and general insensitivity are axiomatic but his latest suggestion that teachers carry guns is bizarre.
Hemingway is, in the Africans' eyes, almost as gleefully imperceptive and ridiculously self-destructive as the hyena.
"Theroux" is an imperceptive observer--his gaze seems to strip
Cattle and buffaloes have imperceptive feeding habits which results into often swallowing of some foreign objects along with their feed in contrast to conscious feeding habits in other species.
When the knight mentions the lady whom he believes waits for him at home, the lady-page coaxes details from her imperceptive husband about the affection he bears for this wife: is she "dark or bright," "little loved or loved aright" (ll.
The latter is focused entirely on gender agendas and woman as an individual subject and is imperceptive of the feminist nature of "other" feminisms.
In this regard, a pro-active engagement in advancing welfare rationality may not be a legally imperceptive / lofty, pseudo-holistic reason to pursue greater freedoms and social cohesion within a 'rubric' based on ubuntu; rather welfare as a rationale within the context of ubuntu continuously acknowledges--praises or apologizes--exhaults or amends--atones, thus encouraging and facilitating mutual respect and amity.
Unjustifiably convinced of her own superiority, this cantankerous harridan is horribly argumentative and so crashingly imperceptive she always gets the wrong end of the stick.
drawn as shallow, imperceptive people, a view, however, that registers