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Lacking perception; not perceptive.

im′per·cep′tive·ness, im′per·cep·tiv′i·ty n.


lacking in perception; obtuse
ˌimperˈception n
ˌimperˈceptively adv
ˌimpercepˈtivity, ˌimperˈceptiveness, ˌimperˈcipience n


(ˌɪm pərˈsɛp tɪv)

not perceptive.
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First, if stereotypes are interwoven into culture--and imperceptively so, because the system of culture is often oblivious to the members of the culture (van Gorp, 2007)--certain hidden stereotypes, including their negative and pejorative implications, may never be problematized because of their taken-for-granted nature.
The 1911's famous grip angle is roughly 18 degrees, making the RP9's grip almost imperceptively different.
As it spreads it may merge imperceptively into the normal skin or it may also present as lesions with a distinct border, particularly in the infraorbital region and at the scalp margin.
Literary worlds are also produced beyond what I have come to see as the (in)fusionised domain of literary hunger; the tremble, the unperceived undulation of the text, the resonant volume that it silently mounts on us are as yet far from exhausting the possibilities that the hunger of literature can verily and imperceptively offer.
banksi but posterior intermediate tooth is imperceptively to visibly separated from primary tooth (Fig.
* sheet erosion--a thin layer of topsoil is uniformly removed and sometimes imperceptively removed as a sheet.
Almost imperceptively we have reached a point where voice-activated menus have become ubiquitous, and handheld data devices ranging from clever (if not smart) phones through to iPaqs ( have come to the masses.
When Thaisa is restored to life by Cerimon's "sacred art," she seems to float in the air as the coffin she sits on rises (imperceptively).