imperfect tense

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Noun1.imperfect tense - a tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going
tense - a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time
present progressive, present progressive tense - a tense used to express action that is on-going at the time of utterance
past progressive, past progressive tense - a progressive tense used to describe on-going action in the past; "`I had been running' is an example of the past progressive"
future progressive, future progressive tense - a progressive tense used to express action that will be on-going in the future; "`I will be running' is an example of the future progressive"
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In contrast to the completed action of the perfect tense, the imperfect tense indicates that action has begun, but that it continues.
* How much do we revert to and inhabit the imperfect tense, an index of what is never finished, always in process?
(5) Note that the Imperfect Tense of the be auxiliary may also be used, but this hardly ever occurs in modern texts.
Montolieu's translation gives central importance to the representation of the heroine "nourishing a secret attachment at the bottom of her heart." The imperfect tense is essential to embodying the heroine's consciousness.
In Amharic, the simple imperfect tense is frequently prefixed by a complementizer like be- = if, so that the basic form ttedars (you [masc]/she come[s]) becomes bettedars = (if you [masc] /she come[s]).
M's Reverse Interlinear also parses each word in the Greek New Testament (for example, identifying a word as a noun in the dative case, singular and feminine; or a verb in the imperfect tense, active voice, third person and singular).
Musically, Photosynthesis is on the country border, Substitute (not The Who anthem) is folk, and Imperfect Tense is the closest Turner gets to his punky power-pop roots.