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Noun1.imperfectibility - the capability of becoming imperfect
capableness, potentiality, capability - an aptitude that may be developed
perfectibility - the capability of becoming perfect; "he believes in the ultimate perfectibility of man"
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It is no longer politically correct to see the imperfectibility of humankind, and that is what humor is based on as far back as the Greeks.
Increasingly, political conservatism has stood less for a defense of the principles articulated by Russell Kirk--custom, variety, prudence, imperfectibility, community, and restraint of power--and has instead allied itself with national and even international objectives destructive to custom, variety, and community.
And as humans use their growing knowledge to satisfy their often-conflicting needs, "they remain as prone to frailty and folly as they have ever been." This human imperfectibility is expressed in the Christian doctrine of original sin and the biblical myth of the Fall, as well as in the Hindu and Buddhist assertions of ingrained human delusion.
The power of The Ballad is not in its propagandistic or prison-reformist message, therefore, but in its implicit recognition of the frailty and imperfectibility of man.