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 (ĭm′pər-fĕk′tĭv) Grammar
Of, relating to, or being the aspect that expresses the action denoted by the verb without regard to its beginning or completion.
1. The imperfective aspect.
2. An imperfective verb form.
3. A verb having an imperfective form.


(ˌɪmpəˈfɛktɪv) grammar
(Grammar) denoting an aspect of the verb in some languages, including English, used to indicate that the action is in progress without regard to its completion. Compare perfective
a. the imperfective aspect of a verb
b. a verb in this aspect
ˌimperˈfectively adv


(ˌɪm pərˈfɛk tɪv)
1. of or noting an aspect of the verb that indicates incompleteness or repetition of an action or state.
2. the imperfective aspect.
3. a verb in this aspect.
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Noun1.imperfective - aspect without regard to the beginning or completion of the action of the verb
durative, durative aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration
czasownik niedokonany
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The activity aspect is evidenced by the test of imperfective paradox (5), once verbs that denote activities, when placed in the imperfective form, entail that the action was already performed.
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However, the terms Imperfective, Perfective, Progressive are borrowed from Generative Grammar (Butt and Ramchand, 2003; Butt and Rizvi, 2008).
To illustrate, Slovak verb otacat'v 'to rotate' has the imperfective aspect, while the verb otocit'v 'to rotate' has perfective aspect.
Some authors claim very decisively that the only function of some prefixes is "to transform imperfective verbs into perfective" (e.
Based on the patterns of L2 French past-tense development (see Bardovi-Harlig, 2000; Harley, 1992), Izquierdo (2007) exposed learners from two past-tense proficiency levels to one of two sets of MI experimental materials, including four one-hour lessons teaching the perfective and imperfective past: passe compose and imparfait, respectively.
The basilectal transfer is also contemplated by Sharma (2009) as a plausible cause, considering "the restricted use of imperfective marking in Mandarin (as compared with Hindi)".
Events reported in the imperfective aspect are described as ongoing more frequently than events reported in the perfective aspect (Madden & Zwaan, 2003).
The two past imperfective verbs, "restaient" and "arretait," couch the timeless infinitive "demeurer.
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They cannot bear Ergative Case whether they are in perfective aspect or imperfective.
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