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tr.v. im·per·iled, im·per·il·ing, im·per·ils or im·per·illed or im·per·il·ling
To expose to peril. See Synonyms at endanger.

im·per′il·ment n.
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Exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury:
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It is estimated 65% of unionid mussel species (Haag and Williams, 2014) and 64% of freshwater gastropod species (Johnson et al., 2013) have some level of imperilment. Nico et al.
Deliberately derailing the conversation about child marriage is a monstrous imperilment to them all.
One 2014 review paper published by US Forest Service researchers Wendell Haag and James Williams found that "Freshwater mussels have the highest extinction and imperilment rate of any group of organisms on the planet," with 65 percent of species currently extinct, endangered, threatened, or vulnerable.
The beauty of the trees, their antiquity, their shocking imperilment at our hands, their desire to communicate to us the imminent threats to our mutual survival--all these truths join in one song of celebration and lament.
Unfortunately we have new elected functionaries that have been non-functioning for months to the imperilment of the local people.
actions focused on preventing imperilment. (13) States with federally
The geography of imperilment: targeting conservation toward critical biodiversity areas, pp.
Professor Tim Naish (Antarctic Research Centre) reminded the audience of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the imperilment of the ice shelf of the Thwaites Glacier and all the other very real concerns that exist at both poles because of climate change and humanity's insensitivity to the impact of their actions.
Forest Service, who notes that altered fire regimes have contributed to the imperilment of the shortleaf pine forest, which once covered much of the eastern half of the United States, from New Jersey to Florida and west to Oklahoma.
If, however, MPs freely decide in the course of exercising their mandate to leave the political structure that has endorsed them during the election period and whose members they are, in the absence of any element of constraint or external pressure on them in the sense of expressing certain votes and political opinions, hence in the absence of any imperilment to the freedom to exercise the representative mandate whose legal protection is ensured by the principle of the non-imperative mandate, their mandate must automatically cease.
Second, the impact does not just involve increased reputational imperilment. In a sense, it's about the unprecedented destabilizing of public opinion.
It seems evident that all parties put their views forward forcefully, but in the spirit of the League, the differences, though still real, were not turned into the sort of confrontation which would have outside pundits crowing happily about fatal divisions and the imperilment of the Arab League itself.