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1. Arrogantly domineering or overbearing. See Synonyms at dictatorial.
2. Urgent; pressing: an imperious necessity.
3. Obsolete Regal; imperial.

[From Latin imperiōsus, from imperium, imperium; see empire.]

im·pe′ri·ous·ly adv.
im·pe′ri·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.imperiousness - the trait of being imperious and overbearing
arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur, high-handedness, lordliness - overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors
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(imˈpiəriəs) adjective
proud, behaving as if expecting to be obeyed. an imperious manner.
imˈperiousness noun
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As for his dejection, I certainly did not hear his laugh ringing from the vestry as usual, nor his voice loud in hilarious discourse; though I did hear it uplifted in rating the sexton in a manner that made the congregation stare; and, in his transits to and from the pulpit and the communion-table, there was more of solemn pomp, and less of that irreverent, self-confident, or rather self-delighted imperiousness with which he usually swept along--that air that seemed to say, 'You all reverence and adore me, I know; but if anyone does not, I defy him to the teeth!' But the most remarkable change was, that he never once suffered his eyes to wander in the direction of Mr.
The injunction has an imperiousness which enforces it.
Constancy of attention--a kindness as mute as watchful, always standing by her, cloaked in the rough garb of austerity, and making its real nature known only by a rare glance of interest, or a cordial and gentle word; real respect masked with seeming imperiousness, directing, urging her actions, yet helping her too, and that with devoted care: these were the means I used, for these means best suited Frances' feelings, as susceptible as deep vibrating--her nature at once proud and shy.
Her retinue, her reserved compartment in the train, her pile of unnecessary trunks, portmanteaux, and strong-boxes, all helped to increase her prestige; while her wheeled chair, her sharp tone and voice, her eccentric questions (put with an air of the most overbearing and unbridled imperiousness), her whole figure--upright, rugged, and commanding as it was--completed the general awe in which she was held.
Bulstrode's native imperiousness and strength of determination served him well.
He increased his feigned ardour for the bushwoman, at the same time increasing the imperiousness of his will of desire over her to be led to look upon the Red One face to face.
He made the house lively by his activity, his imperiousness, his scolding, and his good-nature.
In the face of such imperiousness, Asean now has to grow some institutional muscle if it is to chart a truly independent course.
Sara Netanyahu has elicited a multitude of headlines in the past over what family spokesmen have decried as an undeserved reputation for imperiousness.
It is no coincidence that, throughout history, authoritarian figures have sought to censor and suppress satire, considering the genre's unique ability to make people laugh at and even question the sophistry, ulterior motives and imperiousness of those in power.
While Molly manages the self-serving assumptions of her male colleagues, she also manages Katherine's often cruel imperiousness. Thompson leans into the witchiness with perfectly delivered gimlet-eyed asides and tetchy retorts, while Kaling offsets the vinegar with soft, unforced sweetness.
'He should drop his stiff garb of suffocating military imperiousness and jackbootism and know that he is now supposed to be a Democrat, subject to due process of law with the attendant democratic safeguards.