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n. pl. im·pe·ri·a (-pîr′ē-ə)
1. Absolute rule; supreme power.
2. A sphere of power or dominion; an empire.

[Latin; see empire.]
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n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
1. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Rome) the supreme power, held esp by consuls and emperors, to command and administer in military, judicial, and civil affairs
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the right to command; supreme power
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a less common word for empire
[C17: from Latin: command, empire, from imperāre to command; see emperor]
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(ɪmˈpɪər i əm)

n., pl. -pe•ri•a (-ˈpɪər i ə)
1. command; supreme power.
2. area of dominion; sphere of control or monopoly; empire.
3. the right to command the force of the state in order to enforce the law.
[1645–55; < Latin: authority, empire =imper(āre) to rule (see emperor) + -ium -ium1]
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Noun1.imperium - the domain ruled by an emperor or empressimperium - the domain ruled by an emperor or empress; the region over which imperial dominion is exercised
demesne, domain, land - territory over which rule or control is exercised; "his domain extended into Europe"; "he made it the law of the land"
2.imperium - supreme authority; absolute dominion
authority, potency, authorization, authorisation, say-so, dominance - the power or right to give orders or make decisions; "he has the authority to issue warrants"; "deputies are given authorization to make arrests"; "a place of potency in the state"
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Tiberius said to Galba, Tu quoque, Galba, degustabis imperium. In Vespasian's time, there went a prophecy in the East, that those that should come forth of Judea, should reign over the world: which though it may be was meant of our Savior; yet Tacitus expounds it of Vespasian.
They still, in fine, seem to cherish with blind devotion the political monster of an imperium in imperio.
Also rising in Capitol Commons is its second residential building, The Imperium, designed with trapezoidal canted windows made to lessen the need for artificial lighting.
BATH: 6.10 Desert Ace, 6.40 Tidal Watch, 7.10 Howardian Hills, 7.40 Allez Sophia, 8.10 Imperium, 8.40 Freckles, 9.10 Dark Shadow.
Empire as a Subject for Philosophy (Polis, Imperium, Cosmopolis), JAMES ALEXANDER
After declaring that they'd now be known as Imperium, they were faced with British Strong Style - Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven - at Glasgow's Braehead Arena.
The TRH investor Imperium Blue is a joint venture between The Imperium Companies, MMG Equity Partners, and Blue River Family Office Partners.
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif: Alliant Insurance Services launched Imperium Consulting Group, a specialized advisory business that works with clients to better manage commercial risks and resolve complex claims and disputes.
Alliant Insurance Services Launches Maryland-Based Imperium Consulting Group
For starters, Inquisitors of the none-more-grimdark Warhammer 40K universe aren't superheroes fighting hordes of enemies at a time, they're the scalpels of the Imperium, identifying corruption and surgically excising it - although Martyr's brilliantly atmospheric execution makes this an easy wrong to forgive.
The company is building three residential towers - Royalton, Imperium, and Maven.