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Impossible to permeate: an impermeable membrane; an impermeable border.

im·per′me·a·bil′i·ty, im·per′me·a·ble·ness n.
im·per′me·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.impermeability - the property of something that cannot be pervaded by a liquid
solidity, solidness - the consistency of a solid
retention, retentiveness, retentivity - the power of retaining liquid; "moisture retentivity of soil"
nonabsorbency - the property of not being absorbent
permeability, permeableness - the property of something that can be pervaded by a liquid (as by osmosis or diffusion)
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A series of experiments and arguments proves to every man that he, as an object of observation, is subject to certain laws, and man submits to them and never resists the laws of gravity or impermeability once he has become acquainted with them.
Use of chlorobutyl rubber offers advantages such as higher impermeability, cure versatility, better cure rate, cure compatibility, superior adhesion, and higher heat resistance.
According to Evonik, it has successfully developed PA 12 moulding compounds that meet the requirements of large-volume gas piping including: gas resistance and impermeability; pressure and aging stability; mechanical strength and durability; extremely well resistance against slow crack propagation; highly resistant to damage at the construction site or during installation; can be laid without sand bedding and; suitable for horizontal directional drilling.
In the tire sector, Arlanxeo's high-tech rubber offers exceptional dynamic properties, strong impermeability, excellent resilience and grip, reduced rolling resistance and high durability to ensure tire performance while decreasing fuel consumption and C[O.sub.2] emissions.
The use of two-component mortar provides a highly waterproof layer with greater plasticity, less settling or movement of cladding during construction, and greater impermeability against ground water, among many other benefits.
Resistance mechanisms could be modified by antimicrobial target, efflux and impermeability or enzymatic hydrolysis/ degradation.
In some cases, this required testing of the materials for leachate, compactibility, impermeability and other characteristics, but the testing allowed the public to find comfort and confidence the materials were safe.
Geomembranes are proven to be more effective in terms of impermeability than the other traditional products, namely asphalt, concrete, and compacted clay.
These mountain men valued the shorts' impermeability, durability and range of movement -- qualities which can be appreciated by the Oktoberfest visitor as he risks beer spillages while fighting his way through the crowds to lower himself into a narrow seat on a wooden bench.
"The cylinder has partially retained impermeability and is almost undamaged, which is impossible after a fall from some 2,000 meters, the usual altitude used by the Syrian army helicopters," Kirillov said, adding that "a tail part of an unguided rocket has been uncovered on the roof near the gap in the ceiling.
As for the awkwardness of "deal[ing] with information I don't actually have" and people who "expect me to have an opinion," you need only to close the circle of impermeability. "I don't know enough about this to have an opinion, but it does sound hard for all involved." Think of it as drawing a merciful blank.