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Not permitted; not permissible: impermissible behavior.

im′per·mis′si·bil′i·ty n.
im′per·mis′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.impermissibly - not permissibly; "the radon level in the basement was impermissibly high"
allowably, permissibly - in a permissible manner
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Supreme Court will consider on Wednesday is whether Cilek's expressive shirt impermissibly interfered with Minnesota's interest in maintaining "peace, order and decorum" at polling places.
OCRs investigation indicated that between January 28, 2015, and February 14, 2015, Filefax impermissibly disclosed the PHI of 2,150 individuals by leaving the PHI in an unlocked truck in the Filefax parking lot, or by granting permission to an unauthorized person to remove the PHI from Filefax, and leaving the PHI unsecured outside the Filefax facility.
1-06-1) (7 pages) (revocation of probation; defendants argument that the revocation was impermissibly based on unreliable hearsay and that the evidence was insufficient to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he used a motor vehicle without authority) (No.
Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday that a lower-court judge improperly dismissed a portion of their challenge alleging the law attempts to impermissibly regulate interstate commerce.
Asking for a driver's license does not impermissibly extend a stop because it is part of the original mission of the traffic stop.
In the majority opinion, the court concluded that the county's practice does not impermissibly endorse Christianity because it is possible that a non-Christian could one day be elected to the commission and then lead the board in the occasional non-Christian prayer.
Under the guise of clarifying federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction, the WOTUS rule impermissibly expanded federal jurisdiction to virtually any standing body of water--from roadside drainage ditches to local green energy projects.
During that time, then-employee Galen Marsh impermissibly accessed and transferred customer data regarding approximately 730,000 accounts associated with 330,000 different households to his personal server, which was ultimately hacked by third parties.
The FAA impermissibly relied on a cost-benefit analysis to ignore Congress' directive to utilize scientific information on pilot fatigue.
Mr Orenstein belittled some government arguments, saying lawyers were stretching an old law "to produce impermissibly absurd results".
We believe the new test impermissibly exceeds our statutory authority.
I just felt the whole thing was being done to impermissibly close the area (and) stop the protest," Sorenson said.