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In this section, we will show that the DAKA protocol is vulnerable to internal attack, impers -onation attack and stolen smart card attack.
ASSADOURIAN, Carlos Sempat "La economia del Rio de la Plata", en Illei I Impers, 9 (dic.
They suggest that large, impers onal high schools and poor elementary- and middle-school preparation lead to early failure in key courses and thence to dropping out.
f), (m), (n) or F, M, N stand for feminine, masculine, neuter gender respectively; S for subject, O for object; 1, 2, 3 for first, second and third person: sg for singular, pi for plural: con for construct case, inf for infinitive, neg for negative, dem for demonstrative (numbers 1-4 indicate degree in deixis), cop for copula, instr for instrumental, impf for imperfective, perf for perfect, poss for possessive, respro for resumptive pronoun, dur for durative, be for the root of `to be' (infl); impers for a nonspecific third person human subject and agent, dep for a dependent clause marker, d1 for first degree deixis, etc.
Acc = accusative Ade = adessive Caus = causative Cl = class Com = comitative Cop = copula Dat = dative Dec = declarative Def = definite Dem = demonstrative Ess = essive Exi = existential Fem = feminine Gen = genitive Ill = illative Imperf = imperfect Impers = impersonal Inf = infinitive Ins = instrumental Ind = indicative Indef = indefinite Loc = locative Masc = masculine Neg = negation Nom = nominative Obj = object Part = partitive Pass = passive Pl = plural Pos = possessive Pres = present Pret = preterite Psm = possessum Psr = possessor Ptc = participle Refl = reflexive Rel = relative Sg = singular