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1. Incapable of being penetrated: a material impervious to water.
2. Incapable of being affected: impervious to fear.

[From Latin impervius : in-, not; see in-1 + pervius, pervious; see pervious.]

im·per′vi·ous·ly adv.
im·per′vi·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.imperviousness - the quality of being impenetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
penetrability, perviousness - the quality of being penetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)


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(2009) found that even different species of macroinvertebrates within the same order or family can respond to imperviousness differently, depending on their regional location.
In its early days, cryptocurrency was also hailed for its imperviousness to the fluctuations of foreign exchange (because it's not directly tied to any traditional currency).
Polymeric medical implants have many advantageous such as imperviousness to water, low toxicity, chemical and heat resistance, and shape-memory properties.
Though few in number, they had an important psychological effect on the Germans - their unexpectedness, their size, their noise, their ability to destroy fortifications, their apparent imperviousness to ordinance and machine gun fire and hand grenades.
Vegetated areas are replaced by urban infrastructure, increasing the imperviousness, and decreasing both the transpiration and the infiltration processes (Mulligan & Crampton 2005).
Donaldson told the tribunal that there was a spectrum regarding the quality of attribution, noting that in the United Kingdom a grading system is used, according to which mobile phone data is the "only intelligence source that could be graded A1 -- in other words the best information." This, he said, was due to the imperviousness of such evidence to bias and memory loss many years after the events in question.
Models are primarily underpinned by rainfall (rainfall intensity, rainfall duration, antecedent dry condition) and catchment characteristics such as land use type and surface imperviousness (Park et al., 2009; Liu et al., 2013).
While these materials demonstrate noteworthy imperviousness to bio-deterioration, they are still frail to natural attack.
It also has some advantages, such as its imperviousness to moisture.
So far, Trump's critics have seemed too angry to be able to see what's behind his seeming imperviousness to them.
That translates Into less overall stress, greater thermal stability, consistent zero, and virtual imperviousness.
“Tactical had done some of the earliest research on quantifying the size, reach, demographics of the luxury market and we'd noticed its imperviousness to economic vagaries as affluent customers could afford the prices of luxe goods and wanted the status and prestige those 'marques' conveyed.”