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 (ĭm-pī′əs, ĭm′pē-)
1. Lacking reverence; not pious.
2. Lacking due respect or dutifulness: impious toward one's parents.

[From Latin impius : in-, not; see in-1 + pius, dutiful.]

im′pi·ous·ly adv.
im′pi·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.impiously - in an impious manner; "the young members challenged their leader impiously"
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[ˈɪmpɪəslɪ] ADVimpíamente
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"Thou forgettest, however, Ben-Levi," replied Abel-Phittim, "that the Roman Pompey, who is now impiously besieging the city of the Most High, has no assurity that we apply not the lambs thus purchased for the altar, to the sustenance of the body, rather than of the spirit."
I impiously said to myself: "I have hoped for her long enough; I have waited for her long enough.
'He was,' replied he, with the same calm gravity as before; 'but do not wrong me by supposing that I could continue my friendship and esteem to a man who could so infamously, so impiously forsake and injure one so transcendently - well, I won't speak of it.
The imaginary student pursued by the misshapen creature he had impiously made, was not more wretched than I, pursued by the creature who had made me, and recoiling from him with a stronger repulsion, the more he admired me and the fonder he was of me.
In these last hours, and touched by her love and goodness, the old man forgot all his grief against her, and wrongs which he and his wife had many a long night debated: how she had given up everything for her boy; how she was careless of her parents in their old age and misfortune, and only thought of the child; how absurdly and foolishly, impiously indeed, she took on when George was removed from her.
easily the proud attempt Of Spirits apostat and thir Counsels vaine Thou hast repeld, while impiously they thought Thee to diminish, and from thee withdraw The number of thy worshippers.
And if you attempt, desperately, and ungratefully, and impiously, and fraudulently attempt, to drown yourself, or hang yourself, I'll have no pity for you, for I have made up my mind to Put all suicide Down!
At one period he had been very daringly drugged indeed, and, in his own words, "as dead as a man need be"; but he had left strict instructions that nobody but the nurse and "my devoted physician" should" lay a finger on me" afterwards; and by virtue of this proviso a library of books (largely acquired for the occasion) had been impiously interred at Kensal Green.
Now this is useful sometimes to provide some solace for the living who have a connection with the dead whose likenesses appear to them in dreams, and at other times as admonitions to humanity that they might have regard for the burial of humans, so that even though burial does not help the departed, yet there is still some guilt when one impiously neglects to do it.
"steepled?" Is Hawthorne impiously suggesting that a church is
he had A Dream exploded down his throat, whereon a million hard white eyes swung impiously heavenward to mourn the gross indelicate demise Such public death transgresses all known rules A good assassination should be quiet and occupy the heart four hundred years Used by permission of the poet, Mari Evans.
In directing their patronage toward clients who could help them; in ensuring that their philanthropy was visible and directed toward the public at large; and in making relatively little effort to succor the poor, sick, elderly, and enslaved, the ancient Greeks and Romans were not acting impiously. After all, no god of the Greco-Roman world demanded that one show charity toward the needy.