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 (ĭm-plăk′ə-bəl, -plā′kə-)
Impossible to placate or appease: implacable foes; implacable suspicion.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin implācābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + plācābilis, placable; see placable.]

im·plac′a·bil′i·ty n.
im·plac′a·bly adv.
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She said, with a grim implacability in voice and manner which made Tom almost realize that even a former slave can remember for ten minutes insults and injuries returned for compliments and flatteries received, and can also enjoy taking revenge for them when the opportunity offers:
After a few minutes' reflection, however, she continued, "I DO remember his boasting one day, at Netherfield, of the implacability of his resentments, of his having an unforgiving temper.
Newman gave a short laugh, but the old man seemed for the moment not to perceive it; he was gazing away, absently, at some metaphysical image of his implacability.
What stayed with me, as much as Saba's fierce strength, was her father's implacability behind bars.
The ensemble cast were uniformly strong: authoritative Miklos Sebestyen, as the Old Believers' leader Dosifei, was the essence of moral implacability - the perfect foil for Robert Hayward's Khovansky, a twitching, seedy embodiment of corrupting power.
In Keener's Strangers in Budapest, the city is as much a character as any, and as Annie and others begin to cave under it's crumbling weight, what's revealed where East meets West is a story about the implacability of the past -- present, progress, and denials notwithstanding.
At the end of the small hours: another house in a very narrow street smelling very bad, a tiny house which within its entrails of rotten shelters rats by the dozen and the gale of my six brothers and sisters, a cruel little house whose implacability panics us at the end of every month, and my strange father nibbled by a single misery whose name I've never known, my father whom an unpredictable witchcraft soothes into sad tenderness or exalts into fierce flames of anger; and my mother whose feet, daily and nightly pedal, pedal for our never-tiring hunger, I am even woken by those never-tiring feet pedaling by night and the Singer whose teeth rasp into the soft flesh of the night, the Singer which my mother pedals, pedals for hour hunger night and day .
Second, there is the progress of the negotiations, where it is impossible to predict what degree of compromise or implacability will be permitted by 27 countries anxious to preserve a union whose continuation is vital to their interests (just as it is to ours, whether we are in or out).
It not only added Gawadar, new cantonment plans, Akbar Bugti's killing and disappearances to Baluchistan's festering sores, it also dared the nationalists to climb the mountains and put a seal on its implacability by dismissing the recommendations of a sympathetic Senate committee (Rehman, 2008).
137) Critics may well employ words such as "unreason, impatience, implacability," all used to describe abolitionism, to deride the climate movement today.
1235, 1240 (2010) (challenging the litigation-centered backlash thesis with respect to the campaign for same-sex marriage in California by showing that the reasons for the backlash--which culminated in a constitutional amendment--had "less to do with deficient legal strategy and judicial overreaching than with the unpredictability of events and the implacability of opposition to marriage for same-sex couples").
In taking as its subject matter the seeming implacability of the problem of social degradation, Hedged In adopts a proto-realist understanding of one of the novel's functions for its privileged audience as "instruct[ing] them about the conditions affecting other constituencies, conditions they might be able to change through philanthropy of limited reforms" (Glazener 43-44).