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Difficult to believe; not plausible.

im·plau′si·bil′i·ty n.
im·plau′si·bly adv.
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Noun1.implausibility - the quality of provoking disbelief
incredibility, incredibleness - the quality of being incredible
plausibility, plausibleness - apparent validity
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nmangelnde Plausibilität f; (of story, tale, excuse also)Unglaubhaftigkeit f, → Unglaubwürdigkeit f; (of lie)Ungeschicktheit f
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While a sold-out crowd allowed themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the sheer implausibility of what they were witnessing, Stokes kept a relentless focus.
The last half-hour of play could, and probably will fill books given time, but while a sold-out crowd allowed themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the sheer implausibility of what they were witnessing, Stokes kept a relentless focus at the eye of the storm.
"The context of these actions and the implausibility of China's market stability rationale confirm that the purpose of China's currency devaluation is to gain an unfair competitive advantage in international trade."
Sallee, University of California, Berkeley and NBER, "Pigou Creates Losers: On the Implausibility of Achieving Pareto Improvements from Pigouvian Taxation"
It's a preposterous set-up for a love triangle that reaches a crescendo of implausibility when Hawke performs an impromptu rendition of The Kinks' Waterloo Sunset.
Ms Evans asked the jury to consider the "implausibility" and "inconsistency" of the defendant's accounts.
Despite the implausibility of the scenario Bob had one thing going for him.
Reasserting the implausibility of the Supreme court's order for Haqqani's retrieval, the apex court was told that only the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had the authority to make further efforts for extradition of the disgraced ex-ambassador.
Celeste couldn't wrap her head around the casting implausibility, so in one dramatic scene, she ad-libbed, jokingly singing a line from a Freddie Aguilar ditty to Tommy: 'Anak, ba't ka nagkaganiyan?'
The implausibility of their fateful connection both makes and breaks the story, and eventually readers learn that the shady dealings of both of their father figures cause their romance to be the star-crossed, dangerous variety.
Those in English discuss implausibility and probability in studies of paleo-Qur'anic origins; rethinking authority: trends in 18th-century hadith studies; the Islamic 18th century: a view from the edge; civility and charisma in the long-term genesis of political modernity within the Islamic ecumene; Cairo after the event: fiction and everyday life; the role of social media in democratization processes: an Iranian case study; whether Islamwissenschaft is a losing battle in times of neoliberalism, Islamic State, anti-Islamic European movements, and Trump; and struggling with Schulze.