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The procedure by which a third party is impleaded.
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(176) To take one example, consider a Rule 14 impleader claim based on state law and brought by a defendant against a nondiverse third party.
For example, Rule 9.130(a)(4) has been the jurisdictional basis for appealing post-decretal orders that hold a party in contempt, (6) deny a petition for modification of a final judgment of dissolution, (7) modify visitation rights, (8) set or cancel or postpone a foreclosure sale, (9) grant or deny a motion for proceedings supplementary, (10) deny an impleader motion in proceedings supplementary, (11) grant or deny a discovery motion, (12) grant or deny a motion to intervene, (13) grant or deny a motion for contempt in a family law case, (14) enforce a settlement agreement, (15) deny a motion to amend a complaint, (16) and grant or deny a motion to enforce a judgment.
In the absence of supplemental jurisdiction, an impleader she has against a Nevadan who was a joint tortfeasor in the accident will have to be litigated in state court.
223, 233 (1997) (noting general strategy for "[d]efendants' counsel [to] utilize the impleader or interpleader rules in an attempt to limit exposure ...
Among the features of the Federal Rules that Charles Clark advertised at the outset "as among the most important" were the provisions promoting "free joinder of parties, of claims, and of counterclaims, free amendment, and extensive impleader of new parties." Charles E.
Although I see a lot of cases where Geico uses the impleader strategy to shift PIP coverage to another insurance company, that strategy does not work.
impleader filed, against the United States for--(1) damages caused by a
1892); see also Comments, Indemnity Among Joint Tort-Feasors in New York: Active and Passive Negligence and Impleader, 28 FORDHAM L.
While the newspaper added two individuals and a company in its amended complaint, McClier filed a notice of impleader, seeking to bring into the suit for possible liability 14 subcontractors, vendors, and inspectors for construction not named by the Post.