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Adj.1.implemental - serving or acting as a means or aid; "instrumental in solving the crime"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
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His writing is to the point, suggestions are implemental, WHAT GREAT TEACHERS DO DIFFERENTLY is a useful book for the beginner or veteran classroom teacher.
We present our user-switch remapping approach and its implemental algorithm, as well as the complexity analysis in Section 5.
On Thursday, the 7+7 held a meeting to discuss the current developments in the aftermath of "Sudan Call" forces proposal to add a supplemental document to the African Union High level Implemental Panel - brokered peace plan, besides the preparations to hold the General Assembly of the national dialogue on August 6th.
cannot foresee and provide for every implemental detail, some implied
Deliberative and implemental mind-sets: Cognitive tuning toward congruous thoughts and information.
The findings suggest that different schools of thought, namely legitimate, judiciary, liberal, hierarchical, and external paradigms are positively and significantly related to deep understanding approach; while implemental, partial, and conservative schools of thought are negatively and significantly related to shallow learning approaches.
Paradigmatic representations and forms are implemental in the supplying of the semantic identity (Friedman and Jo Lewis, 2015) elaborated by naming.
The constitutional text is expressly silent on these crucial implemental features of the executive power.
Deliberative versus implemental mindsets in the control of action.
IAT II Soldiers are equipped to administratively modify the network, ensure cyber security through vulnerability management, create user accounts and computers in Active Directory, apply Security Technical Implemental Guides to all devices across the network, troubleshoot issues in hardware and software, and make remotely issued repairs to devices.
Therefore, the proposed approach is more robust and implemental in practice.
Effects of Deliberative and Implemental Mind-Sets on the Illusion of Control.