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1. A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment used in doing work: a gardening implement.
2. An article used to outfit or equip someone: ecclesiastical implements.
3. A means of achieving an end; an instrument or agent.
tr.v. (-mĕnt′) im·ple·ment·ed, im·ple·ment·ing, im·ple·ments
1. To put into practical effect; carry out: implement the new procedures.
2. To supply with implements.

[Middle English, supplementary payment, from Old French emplement, act of filling, from Late Latin implēmentum, from Latin implēre, to fill up : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + plēre, to fill; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

im′ple·men·ta′tion (-mən-tā′shən, -mĕn-) n.
im′ple·ment′er, im′ple·men′tor n.
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Adj.1.implemented - forced or compelled or put in force; "a life of enforced inactivity"; "enforced obedience"
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If the same shall not have been implemented by September 9, all workers of KNH shall down their tools," Albert said.
Al Neyadi clarified that implementing a common electronic system all over the state will contribute to fulfilling the GCC Customs Union requirements of supporting the mechanism of direct transformation towards direct customs duties among GCC countries as implemented by Emirati initiative in November 2015.
Speaking to Tribune, Economic and Political Analyst Dr Yousef Hamed Mashal said, "The VAT is being implemented in agreement with other GCC countries.
They also noted the importance of health programs being implemented through the bilateral agreement in strengthening, improving and developing primary health care services and the health system.
The promotion of Agriculture Mechanization programme will be implemented in all districts of the province.
In a statement, following his meeting with Baroness Helene Kennedy, he added that Iraq punishes 48 crimes with capital punishment, but "not implemented today only for terrorist actions".
The cost of the project which will be implemented within 3 months amounts to SR181,439,481.
Those that have not yet implemented the standards will be given a month to comply with the regulation," says Dejan Runtevski, director of the Veterinary Office.
VoIP adoption remains strong, with 67 percent of organizations having implemented the technology on their networks.
Since then, the carpet industry has eliminated their use; created buyback programs to recycle used materials into new carpets; made great strides in the purification of production wastewater; and implemented environmentally safe practices at their production facilities.
Similarly, the United States and Japan have implemented a revised tax treaty exempting most interest payments and certain intercompany dividends from withholding taxes, and the United States has implemented a nil withholding rate for specified intercompany dividends under its protocols with Australia and Mexico and reached agreement with the Netherlands to exempt certain intercompany dividends from withholding taxes following approval and implementation of the revised treaty.

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