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tr.v. im·pli·cat·ed, im·pli·cat·ing, im·pli·cates
1. To involve or connect intimately or incriminatingly: evidence that implicates others in the plot.
2. To have as a consequence or necessary circumstance; imply or entail: His evasiveness implicated complicity.
3. Linguistics To convey, imply, or suggest by implicature.
4. Archaic To interweave or entangle; entwine.

[Middle English, to convey a truth bound up in a fable, from Latin implicāre, implicāt-, to entangle, unite : in-, in; see in-2 + plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]
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References in classic literature ?
She was ready to warn Sir Henry so far as she could without implicating her husband, and again and again she tried to do so.
The leaders of the riot, rendered still more daring by the success of last night and by the booty they had acquired, kept steadily together, and only thought of implicating the mass of their followers so deeply that no hope of pardon or reward might tempt them to betray their more notorious confederates into the hands of justice.
"At some evidence implicating Flora Millar in the disappearance."
In a statement on Friday, main opposition Akel said it was concerned by the reports which linked Cyprus with money laundering and implicating the president and his law firm in suspicious dealings.
GUJRAT -- District Police Officer Syed Ali Mohsin has dismissed Kakarali station house officer SI Tauqeer Ranjha from service for allegedly implicating a man in a fake case.
Parliament has once again come under sharp focus on how it treats its committees' reports implicating senior government officials amid claims that it has turned into 'a rescue centre' for top officials accused of graft.
Rawalpindi -- An inquiry has been ordered against a police officer for implicating a youth in alleged fake encounter staged within limits of Police Station Ganjmandi.
HYDERABAD -- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Karachi here Wednesday filed a reference in Accountability Court Hyderabad implicating 2 former officials of Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) and 18 serving bureaucrats in the case.
By SAM KIPLAGATA former police boss accused of torturing a suspect in the cell leading to his death four years ago has called four witnesses in his defence.But as the witnesses testified, it emerged that Nahashon Mutua, the former Ruaraka Police Station commander, ordered the release of some suspected criminals held in the cell at the time of the incident after they agreed to record statements implicating a fellow suspect in the death of Martin Koome.