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Both have in common the implicational concept that splinting/stabilization of several implants is accomplished through the prosthetic superstructure.
So, as we can see, for these authors there is a contiguity and implicational relation between social psychology and ideology: the latter is a depuration of the former.
In order to achieve this goal, the phonological systems of 25 children with phonological disorder were analyzed, determining the markedness implicational relations of distinctive features and, from there, the implicational model of segmental complexity was constructed.
These patterns of sensory inputs, propositional, and implicational knowledge determines high-level meaning and emotional response that leads to a desire or avoidance.
by its strong use of modality (will, can) and inflectional morphology, by its many references to future time, by the implicational relations in the correlative structures that present the negative conditionals, by its rich use of fall-rise intonation and tactical beating near the level of the phonological phrase, and by its relatively strong use of consonance (e.
The model allows for the investigation of meaning construction at four levels of linguistic description: argument structure (level 1), implicational structure (level 2), illocutionary structure (level 3) and discourse structure (level 4).
Albo (1970) demonstrates that language practices are closely related to social factors, and that the two are predictive of each other through an implicational scale.
The methodology of research was descriptive-survey and in terms of objectivity it falls within the scope of implicational researches since by its accomplishing; some necessary changes may take place in Iranian tourism industry.
2007) try to determine if L2 phonological learning can be a gradual and systematic process of replacement of nonnative segments by native segments in learners' oral production in a two-stage implicational scale.
Although affixes which denote locations seems to denote a relatively restricted range of other meanings, there does not seem to be any hierarchy of meanings or any implicational scales such as that a language where the marker is used for both location and patient it will also be used for instrument, for instance.
With regard to the construction of implicit theories, it is common to combine different attributes with the implicational approach (Gluck, Ernst, & Unger, 2002; Karwowski, 2010), which this study also shows.