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1. The act of implicating or the condition of being implicated.
2. The act of implying or the condition of being implied.
3. Something that is implied, especially:
a. An indirect indication; a suggestion.
b. An implied meaning; implicit significance.
c. An inference. See Usage Note at infer.

im′pli·ca′tive adj.
im′pli·ca′tive·ly adv.
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Marketing in libraries implicatively insinuates reviewing the customer needs and popularizing products and accommodations offered by the libraries so that the objective of maximum utilization of the library resources can be achieved (Deshpande, 2017).
Implicatively, downlines tend to accept and adapt to change more easily if they are confident with up line's explanation about the change (Wotruba and Rochford, 1995).
And to what extent is historiography (without the queer antecedent) at least implicatively engaged in a process of de-queering history, a process that makes necessary a queer meta-method to correct, to chastise the record so to speak?