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v. im·plored, im·plor·ing, im·plores
1. To appeal to in supplication; beseech: implored the tribunal to have mercy. See Synonyms at beg.
2. To beg for urgently: implored their advice in the matter.
To make an earnest appeal.

[Latin implōrāre : in-, toward; see in-2 + plōrāre, to weep.]

im′plo·ra′tion n.
im·plor′er n.
im·plor′ing·ly adv.
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An earnest or urgent request:
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An imploration arises from one person's voice, but then the words acquire naughty, independent life, apart from their originator.
Tu m'as debusque te chantant la serenade et tu n y as vu qu'une supplication, une imploration.
A particularly serious case is the omission of terms of imploration or beseeching, such as suppliciter and quaesumus, or of concession, granting, such as the parts of dignor," the observations said.
In this respect, Underwood reiterates the audible imploration heard throughout the volume, that is, for policy-makers and development assistance agencies to include religious institutions in their strategies and their organization of economic development goals.
The absence of commas around "dear" is Mary's grammatical maneuver of imploration.
Des les premieres notes du recital, Djamel Laroussi, affichant un dynamisme hors pair, est entre dans le vif du sujet, interpretant [beaucoup moins que]Laafou[beaucoup plus grand que], une imploration divine ecrite dans un rythme envoutant et des gammes pentatoniques.
She could not stop him from forcing himself on her, and he did not listen to her imploration that she was old and had children, she said.
Of all canonical texts, psalms are the closest possible to what we now call lyric poetry, its main themes being found here: the yearn, doubt, revolt, humiliation, imploration, bliss, etc.
and the key for this lock is supplication [in addition to] imploration, resignation, the detachment from lone's] strength and power, and waiting for the opening and release from God [.
Commissioner Jones' imploration may be effective; prior to Nationwide reaching a settlement, California and other states were able to reach settlements with Prudential for $17 million and MetLife for $40 million.
So how will he render one of the most famous dramatic speeches of all time - Juliet's balcony imploration of "wherefore art thou Romeo?