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A stop consonant pronounced with the breath drawn in.

im·plo′sive adj.
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(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced by or with implosion
(Phonetics & Phonology) an implosive consonant
imˈplosively adv
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"No matter how hard she tried, Diana never succeeded in getting rid of that implosive feeling of claustrophobia which pressed on her whenever she was called upon to play the crowds," explained Seward.
It was a programme that was perceived as anti-people and implosive. It seemed like it was smuggled into the agreed National Livestock Transformation Programme of the Federal Government.
Bookmakers agree, offering odds-on quotes for them to qualify which, given the implosive nature of Stuttgart this term, should be snapped up.
The coalition targeted elements of the Houthi's breakaway state with implosive bombs that crumbled buildings within themselves.
The domestic disarray in the life of the female cops and the professional dynamics between two of them in 'Soni' is echoed here in the rapport that grows between the two officers played by Shefali Shah and Rasika Dugal, both in fine form imbuing the contours of crime with an implosive reined-in anger at a system that fosters inequality and brutality.
Ghosh fills up the frames with an implosive tension.
No, these are not the summits to raise issues of human rights and expect anything but an explosive or implosive outcome.
Goodhill [4] proposed an etiological theory on the basis of idiopathic rupture of OW and/or RM membranes: implosive (as during Valsalva's maneuver) or explosive (as for increased intracranial pressures) force can cause membranous lacerations with consequent formation of fistulas.
Derek explained how he had come to see the initially put upon Claudius as a stammerer, barely able to get his words out until "this implosive thing".
With a batting line-up that appears well and truly explosive, it has proved to be implosive more often than not.
Rather, in the wake of the 2015 and 2016 terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice respectively, cities' and the country's struggles with the contours of French identity have foregrounded an urgent need to contend with the implosive legacy of colonization, the effects of diasporic flows, and the impacts of financial and media-driven global processes.
In the sonochemical synthesis, the application of an ultrasound with a frequency ranging from 15 kHz to 10 MHz induces the formation, growth, and implosive collapse of bubbles in the reaction mixture, also known as cavitations [12].