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A stop consonant pronounced with the breath drawn in.

im·plo′sive adj.


(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced by or with implosion
(Phonetics & Phonology) an implosive consonant
imˈplosively adv
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Devised to circumvent torture statutes (i.e., to reframe torture as nontorture), the language is unnervingly oxymoronic, implosively tautological--qualities that Magid amplifies by using a typographic style that suggests a breakdown of the signifying chain and rational legal discourse.
The marginal perhaps characterized Genet's thought more than that of any other twentieth-century writer, and the heavily committed, but also implosively ironic, engagement with the marginal, and specifically with the Palestinian cause in Genet's Un captif amoureux, forms the subject of Hughes's last chapter.
Plutonium is an artificial element, bred in a uranium-fueled reactor that is formed into a hollow sphere and implosively crushed with high explosives until a nuclear detonation occurs.
The migrant therefore reacts implosively, like the romance hero.
The speaking subject here is not just moving toward a powerful male entity, the sun; Plath's speaker is moving implosively toward herself as well, toward the eye/i that has become the center of her universe, the focus of her attention.
Fox], 2008), one transmitting, in real time, CNN, the other Fox News, again invoking the feedback loop of implosively binary ideological "choice." A gaggle of red, white, and blue balloons were corralled within a net attached to the ceiling, awaiting release at that orgasmic moment of political consummation.