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A stop consonant pronounced with the breath drawn in.

im·plo′sive adj.


(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced by or with implosion
(Phonetics & Phonology) an implosive consonant
imˈplosively adv
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The effect of implosives and prenasalized stops on pitch in Shona.
Les formes scripturales de Khouyi sont, du fait, implosives; elles s'emparent du fond de l'oeuvre, allant de l'interieur vers l'exterieur: une sorte de desordre spirituel mais ordonne, ou est employe le point comme centre de l'univers dans le sens soufi du terme, comme l'avait dit Ibrahim Ibnou Amran citant Al Hallaj:[beaucoup moins que] J'ai entendu Al Hallaj dire: le point est a l'origine de tout trait, et le trait en entier est un point unifie, donc le point et le trait ont necessairement besoin l'un de l'autre.
It is based on the assumption that the innovative forms in Penan and Sebop went through an earlier stage where *bh, *dh, *jh, and *gh were reflected as implosives that were later merged with the plain voiced series.
Phonemic inventory of Siriaki and acoustic analysis of voiced implosives. CRULP 43-48.
Consonant sounds include stops or plosives bnshy y dhmkyr (which are further divided into different categories listed below), implosives khly dhmkyr nasals nkn y nk r, laterals, trills and fricatives [8].
The spirantization of stops to fricatives *K > *X word-finally and before an obstruent suffix has no parallel in Balto-Slavic, where the glottalic stops were implosives, as they still are in Sindhi (cf.
As Hansson notes, in Ngizim, voiced implosives do not trigger voicing agreement on preceding (non-implosive) obstruents; the two classes of consonants are too dissimilar to be compelled to correspond, and hence to agree in voicing.
These generally involve varying mixtures of traditional transliteration symbols (e.g., td not [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), IPA symbols ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for Siraiki implosives, but not for Sindhi implosives), and ad hoc symbols.
In Anakalangese pronunciation, the consonants not preceded by m or n are implosives.
Meme chose pour Tarik Kabbage, lors du precedent mandat oE sa majorite tenait au bout du fil, a cause des rixes implosives qui n'en finissaient jamais.
Phonemic inventory of Siriaki and acoustic analysis of voiced implosives. Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), 43-48.