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"My good friend," said the Traveller, "according to the terms of your demand my money will save my life, my life my money; you imply you will take one or the other, but not both.
To take an obvious example, the comic mask is ugly and distorted, but does not imply pain.
He dared not do anything that would imply a stronger interest in a poor man's adopted child than could be expected from the kindliness of the young Squire, when a chance meeting suggested a little present to a simple old fellow whom others noticed with goodwill; but he told himself that the time would come when he might do something towards furthering the welfare of his daughter without incurring suspicion.
There is nothing of this kind declared in the articles that compose it; and to imply a tacit guaranty from considerations of utility, would be a still more flagrant departure from the clause which has been mentioned, than to imply a tacit power of coercion from the like considerations.
There is a very pleasant light in Tom's blue-gray eyes as he glances at the house-windows; that fold in his brow never disappears, but it is not unbecoming; it seems to imply a strength of will that may possibly be without harshness, when the eyes and mouth have their gentlest expression.
But there is this difference in the Departure: that the term does not imply so much a sea event as a definite act entailing a process - the precise observation of certain landmarks by means of the compass card.
The GDP data imply a 4.1% Q1 growth rate for the BLS output index after a Q4 trimming to 2.6% from 3.1%.
(37) Under this approach, the implied right is tied to identifiable textual provisions rather than a more general concept of representative government, and the manifestation of the institutions of representative and responsible government in written form was seen as sufficient to imply a judicially protected right contrary to the traditional constitutional theory of parliamentary sovereignty.
Absent evidence to the contrary, a court will consider the context and respond "Oh, of course, they would have meant local currency." It would imply the term that salary for work in Canada is to be paid in Canadian dollars.
[2] Just as one's personal letters imply different versions of oneself, depending on the differing relationships with each correspondent and the purpose of each letter, so [1] the writer sets himself out with a different air depending on the needs of particular works.
Here in Washington, it's a metaphor, used to imply that a political event or situation is all show and no substance, or that everyone performs their parts while already knowing what the outcome will be.
They help photographers control perspective to imply depth, stress content and compare subjects in terms of scale, creating layers of meaning that express ideas.