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Noun1.import barrier - any regulation or policy that restricts international tradeimport barrier - any regulation or policy that restricts international trade
protectionism - the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition
quota - a limitation on imports; "the quota for Japanese imports was negotiated"
embargo, trade embargo, trade stoppage - a government order imposing a trade barrier
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To prevent sugar processors from offloading sugar onto the USDA--and to shelter the processors from lower-cost foreign competition, further ensuring they'll receive an artificially inflated price--the federal government imposes a two-tier system of tariff rate quotas that serve as a sugar import barrier.
In addition to anti dumping import duty, safeguard mechanism has been used widely as an import barrier. The system aimed at creating balance between supply and demand is allowed by the WTO to protect domestic producers against influx of import.
In 2002, Indonesia plans to reduce the import duty to 5% while Malaysia and Thailand tend to maintain the high import barrier until next year.
The forestry and plantation minister said imposing import barrier was easier than banning exports.
Since initially there were no local agencies that could certify the new import documents, the 116 Resolution ended up being an import barrier. This affected product availability whilst companies adapted.
However, in practice the regulation is more of an import barrier -- the government wants to reduce imports by at least US$6 billion.
The aim of the resolution is to control product quality by demanding importers provide quality certificates approved by INEN (the National Norms Institute); however, it is more of an import barrier, as when companies adapted to the certificate (by mid-2014 in their majority) customs constantly changed the required paperwork, which slowed down product availability within retail outlets.
A stronger industrial sector that fulfills market needs would decrease our dependence on imports without enforcing import barriers, as well as decreasing deficits in the balance of payments (BOP).
India's import barriers not only led to higher prices for Indian consumers, but also - and more important - hurt the very producers they were supposed to protect.
The automaker is taking this step as the country's auto market grows and the government increases import barriers.
'The levers to attract investment to Asean more widely are clear: reasonable production costs, stable institutions, improved technological innovation, lowering tariffs and import barriers for production inputs, and increasing labor skills,' HSBC said.