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Noun1.import credit - credit opened by an importer at a bank in his own country upon which an exporter may draw
credit - money available for a client to borrow
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Markets are also abuzz with guesstimates about how much foreign exchange Beijing can pump in and speculations on whether Saudi Arabia can once again give us $1-2bn in the form of either one-off 'official support' or an oil import credit facility.
Export credit remained the largest component of the bank's loan book at 56.0 per cent (2013: 53.3 per cent), followed by overseas investment credit at 33.7 per cent (2013: 34.2 per cent) while the proportion for import credit continued to be modest at 4.5 per cent (2013: 4.1 per cent).
The coverage included export guarantees and import credit in the fields of electricity, industry, transport, water and some strategic commoditiesHe pointed out that the size of the authority's current coverage in Sudan amounted to 1.5 billion dollars and the applications submitted and now under consideration were at value more than one billion dollarsDr.
Central Huijin is to use part of the proceeds to participate in the fund-raising plans of China's largest state-controlled commercial banks, a person familiar with the situation told Dow Jones earlier, adding the company will also use a portion of the proceeds to boost the capital base of policy lender Export-Import Bank of China (Exim Bank) and China Export & Import Credit Insurance Corporation.