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Adj.1.important-looking - impressive in appearance
impressive - making a strong or vivid impression; "an impressive ceremony"
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It was an important-looking village, with a fine old church and large churchyard in the heart of it, and two or three large brick-and-stone homesteads, with well-walled orchards and ornamental weathercocks, standing close upon the road, and lifting more imposing fronts than the rectory, which peeped from among the trees on the other side of the churchyard:--a village which showed at once the summits of its social life, and told the practised eye that there was no great park and manor-house in the vicinity, but that there were several chiefs in Raveloe who could farm badly quite at their ease, drawing enough money from their bad farming, in those war times, to live in a rollicking fashion, and keep a jolly Christmas, Whitsun, and Easter tide.
It happened that the hotel had the reputation of being the best, the most expensive, and the most aristocratic in all the spa, and at every turn on the staircase or in the corridors we encountered fine ladies and important-looking Englishmen--more than one of whom hastened downstairs to inquire of the awestruck landlord who the newcomer was.
The Shipping-Master led the way with a mincing gait around the whole system of desks to a tall and important-looking door, which he opened with a deferential action of the arm.
Another guest was an elderly, important-looking gentleman, a distant relative of Lizabetha Prokofievna's.
'Bless my soul, how remarkable--I am going outside, too,' said the red-haired man; 'we are positively going together.' And the red-haired man, who was an important-looking, sharp-nosed, mysterious-spoken personage, with a bird-like habit of giving his head a jerk every time he said anything, smiled as if he had made one of the strangest discoveries that ever fell to the lot of human wisdom.
An overheated room overfull of people shuffling wads of important-looking paper.
Bookmakers cannot split the sides despite a number of important-looking absences.
He was maniacally speeding down the sloping hills of Rayfoun, pushing the siren on and on again (the image of a laughing Joker from Batman movies comes to mind), and cars around were obediently moving away from this important-looking death machine.Aa
"We have done this before," I said, as he settled down with a folder full of charts, diagrams and important-looking documents.
NICK Faldo found himself involved in 'Sandwichgate' at the Ryder Cup after being caught on camera with an important-looking piece of paper which appeared to reveal his opening pairings.
I have just stumbled across an important-looking report entitled 'Regaining the Initiative - Palestinian Strategic Options to End Israeli Occupation' by the Palestine Strategy Group.