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Troublesomely urgent or persistent in requesting; pressingly entreating: an importunate job seeker.

im·por′tu·nate·ly adv.
im·por′tu·nate·ness n.
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nAufdringlichkeit f; (of salesman also, creditor, demand)Hartnäckigkeit f, → Beharrlichkeit f
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State charity nurtures in the people carelessness, laziness, importunateness, and dissatisfaction ....
Slowly, though, he moves from questions about his own life and destiny to an urgent desire to hear God without the deafening static of his own importunateness. Realizing the barrier that his own concerns present in his attempt to listen to God and stymied by the empty silence that follows, Merton fortuitously remembers that God had historically spoken to other human beings and in particular that God had spoken to Jonas.