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I revered our theology, and aspired as much as any one to reach heaven: but being given assuredly to understand that the way is not less open to the most ignorant than to the most learned, and that the revealed truths which lead to heaven are above our comprehension, I did not presume to subject them to the impotency of my reason; and I thought that in order competently to undertake their examination, there was need of some special help from heaven, and of being more than man.
His impotency appeared to him, and made his rage into that of a driven beast.
And Ponta was like a madman, raging because of his impotency in the face of his helpless and all but vanquished foe.
Would they not act with more consistency, in urging the establishment of the latter, as no less necessary to guard the Union against the future powers and resources of a body constructed like the existing Congress, than to save it from the dangers threatened by the present impotency of that Assembly?
"First Born," I cried, turning to those who stood within the chamber, "you have seen to-day the impotency of Issus--the gods are impotent.
Endeavoring, then, to collect his ideas, he prepared to perform that species of incantation, and those uncouth rites, under which the Indian conjurers are accustomed to conceal their ignorance and impotency. It is more than probable that, in the disordered state of his thoughts, he would soon have fallen into some suspicious, if not fatal, error had not his incipient attempts been interrupted by a fierce growl from the quadruped.
His impulse to break up the constraint was chilled, and once more the exasperating sense of his own impotency returned to him.
He was a quick and powerful reasoner; and a moment's reflection sufficed to remind him of the impotency of his rage.
That is why you are crying out your feeble little battle-cry, "Return to the ways of our fathers." You are aware of your impotency. You know that your strength is an empty shell.
Lumhs professors and doctors of skin, hair, nails and of impotency checked the patients and also provided the required medicines free of cost.
'We expect more from them as I cannot effectively communicate with people without help of media that polio vaccine does not cause impotency anyway,' said Mr Shah.
Against the Union, the Whitecaps demonstrated impotency in the final third coupled with fragility at the back, losing the shot count 25-2 and having two players - Jose Aja and Yordy Reyna - sent off.