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1. Impossible to do or carry out: Refloating the sunken ship intact proved impracticable because of its fragility.
2. Unfit for passage: roads impracticable in winter.
3. Archaic Unmanageable; intractable.

im·prac′ti·ca·bil′i·ty, im·prac′ti·ca·ble·ness n.
im·prac′ti·ca·bly adv.
Usage Note: The adjective impracticable applies to a course of action that is impossible to carry out or put into practice; impractical, though it can be used in this way, also can be weaker in sense, suggesting that the course of action would yield an insufficient return or would have little practical value. A plan for a new stadium may be rejected as impracticable if the site is too marshy to permit safe construction, but if the objection is that the site is too remote for patrons to attend games easily, the plan is better described as impractical. See Usage Note at practicable.
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Adv.1.impracticably - to an impracticable degree; "this is still impracticably high"
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"Well, now and then one, whom Nature makes so impracticably simple, truthful and faithful, that the worst possible influence can't destroy it.
In short, the cost of administering and complying with the proposed rule would be impracticably high for many large business taxpayers.
an impracticably large number of people is represented by the active
The application of the proposed test avoids the problems that Van der Peet has been criticized for: the test's inapplicability to Metis rights, the freezing of rights, the stereotyping of Indigenous people, and the impracticably of the highly contested term "culture" central to determinations in the current test, leading to the ensuing battle among anthropologists.
(7) With its combination of impracticably and stoic authoritarianism, Booth's system was never fully implemented.
Finally, the majority's adoption of a mechanical and formalistic approach to determining whether an appellant has authorized appeal before this Court unduly and impracticably interferes with the attorney-client privilege.
It was also impracticably heavy, but not strong enough to stop a German bullet.
Furthermore, authors will rationally respond by including impracticably difficult statistical methods to impress referees.
(186) Surely the rulemaking bodies could promulgate similar rules setting forth new classes of immediately appealable non-final orders, but the impracticably of such a proposal is evidenced by the fact that Rule 23(f) is the lone example of a rule promulgated under Section 1292(e) and through the formal rulemaking process.
Another limitation includes inability to assess directionality of binge eating and weight change due to impracticably small numbers of participants grouped according to the direction of change in binge status.