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Not precise.

im′pre·cise′ly adv.
im′pre·ci′sion (-sĭzh′ən) n.
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Adv.1.imprecisely - in an imprecise manner; "he expressed himself imprecisely"
incisively, precisely, exactly - in a precise manner; "she always expressed herself precisely"
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Existing methods measure risk aversion very imprecisely.
This is a new ATACMS feature that allows battlefield commanders to address imprecisely located or area targets.
Fourth, Leonen imprecisely conflates martial law and calling out.
Societies' allocation of resources will imprecisely but persistently follow these shifts.
Gears made from material that is of inferior quality, unable to cope with the operating conditions or which are imprecisely machined or fitted, are likely to fail with greater regularity than better quality parts, sometimes taking other parts of the gear drive with them.
Effect estimates generally hovered around the null, did not follow a consistent pattern across the concentration gradient, and were imprecisely estimated.
The data may have problems because they are imprecisely collected or misinterpreted.
46-52 of Accounting Terminology Bulletin 1, Review and Resume, issued by the AICPA in 1953, engaged in a scholarly debate as to what the term "depreciation" means--whether it recognizes an estimate that imprecisely measures the diminution of value of an asset over time or an allocation of its historical cost.
When you point at someone or something directly with your index finger, as you might do at home, in Jordan it casts the evil eye; instead, you should gesture imprecisely with two fingers, or just flap your whole hand in the direction you mean.
The former chapter sets the basis for a theoretical discussion around the need to be careful in discussing compliance, as it is often a blurred concept which imprecisely overlaps with issues linked to programme completion and desistance.
warned that the law comes with restrictive regulations, including disproportionate limitations on online content for overly broad defined activities, such as making users liable for truthfulness of all information posted by them or for imprecisely defined propaganda of violence and cruelty.