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Not precise.

im′pre·cise′ly adv.
im′pre·ci′sion (-sĭzh′ən) n.
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Adv.1.imprecisely - in an imprecise manner; "he expressed himself imprecisely"
incisively, precisely, exactly - in a precise manner; "she always expressed herself precisely"
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The Court of Appeals concluded that appellant's admissions, which included his attorney's imprecisely worded inquiries, suggested no real ambiguity in the facts that established his guilt.
If we respond in a blind rage, or even merely imprecisely, we risk fanning the flames of hatred that motivated the terrorists in the first place.
Using "lie" casually or imprecisely could strike readers more as opinion than fact, said the AP's Daniszewski.
These effects, also referred to as a[currency]imemory effecta[currency]i, a[currency]ighostinga[currency]i, a[currency]iimage retentiona[currency]i, a[currency]isticky imagea[currency]i or imprecisely as a[currency]iburn-ina[currency]i, tangibly impair the picture quality of a television.
While it seems obvious that a depressed patient should be treated for major depression, it also seems obvious that our interventions are imprecisely targeted and not fully successful.
These effects, also referred to as 'memory effect', 'ghosting', 'image retention', 'sticky image' or imprecisely as 'burn-in', tangibly impair the picture quality of a television.
These effects, also referred to as eCiEAEmemory effecteCiEAE, eCiEAEghostingeCiEAE, eCiEAEimage retentioneCiEAE, eCiEAEsticky imageeCiEAE or imprecisely as eCiEAEburn-ineCiEAE, tangibly impair the picture quality of a television.
"In Bach's manuscript, many slurs are quickly and imprecisely drawn, as if to say: 'It's obvious what I mean--I don't need to waste time being careful.' On the other hand, there are instances where he goes to great pains to ensure that his intention is unmistakeable".
Hence, Sonja's attempt to earn hers resonates strangely, imprecisely, to an American audience.
Nevertheless, we should take Weldon's encouragement to heart, namely that we "remain open to finding ways to talk about what we broadly and imprecisely call 'the history of science and religion'" (p.
The works had a casual feel, one that was heightened by the pieces of adhesive tape and film loosely arranged on their respective surfaces: Some were imprecisely aligned; others sported uneven torn edges.