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im·press 1

tr.v. im·pressed, im·press·ing, im·press·es
1. To affect strongly, often favorably: wrote down whatever impressed me during the journey; was impressed by the child's sincerity.
2. To produce or attempt to produce a vivid impression or image of: a scene that impressed itself on her memory; parents that impress the value of money on their children.
3. To mark or stamp with pressure: impressed the wax with a design.
4. To apply with pressure; press: impressed the stamp onto the wax.
n. (ĭm′prĕs′)
1. The act of impressing: a design left by impress of a seal.
2. A mark or pattern of influence produced by someone or something; an impression: a politician who left her impress on foreign policy.
3. A stamp or seal meant to be impressed.

[Middle English impressen, to imprint, from Old French empresser, from Latin impressus, past participle of imprimere : in-, in; see in-2 + premere, to press; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

im·press 2

tr.v. im·pressed, im·press·ing, im·press·es
1. To compel (a person) to serve in the military, particularly in the naval forces, especially by seizure.
2. To seize (property) by force or authority, especially for military purposes; confiscate.
3. Law To impose a constructive trust or a lien upon property, as a matter of equity, to protect a person without legal title but with a legally recognized interest.
n. (ĭm′prĕs)

[in- + press (influenced by obsolete imprest, advance on a soldier's pay).]
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having had an impression made on oneself; experiencing a strong, lasting, or favourable effect
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Adj.1.impressed - deeply or markedly affected or influenced
affected - acted upon; influenced
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johon on tehty vaikutus
감명을 받은
có ấn tượng


[ɪmˈprɛst] adjimpressionné(e)
I'm very impressed! → Je suis très impressionné!
to be impressed by sb/sth, to be impressed with sb/sth → être impressionné(e) par qn/qch
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مُتَأَثِّرٌ ohromený imponeret beeindruckt εντυπωσιασμένος impresionado johon on tehty vaikutus impressionné impresioniran impressionato 印象づけられた 감명을 받은 onder de indruk imponert zachwycony impressionado впечатленный imponerad รู้สึกประทับใจ etkilenmiş có ấn tượng 印象深刻的
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References in classic literature ?
Moncharmin, in any case, admits that he was impressed. To quote his own words, in his Memoirs:
And since the pleasure which the poet should afford is that which comes from pity and fear through imitation, it is evident that this quality must be impressed upon the incidents.
The thing that impressed itself most on me in Holland was the thoroughness of the agriculture and the excellence of the Holstein cattle.
His weather-beaten and handsome face, his portly presence, his shirt- fronts and broad cuffs and gold links, his air of bluff distinction, impressed the humble beholders (stevedores, tally clerks, tide-waiters) as he walked ashore over the gangway of his ship lying at the Circular Quay in Sydney.
The spectral, half-compounded, aqueous light which pervaded the open mead, impressed them with a feeling of isolation, as if they were Adam and Eve.
It was evident that they were considerably impressed by the appear-ance and dimensions of our craft, but as these fellows know no fear they were not at all awed.
His brow, upon which his little court read, as upon that of a god, all the movements of his soul, and thence drew rules of conduct, -- his brow, upon which affairs of state never impressed a wrinkle, was this evening paler than usual, and more than one friendly eye remarked that pallor.
I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which, from what I had been, have made me what I am.
His knowledge of books, however superficial, was sufficient to impress upon their ignorance respect for his supposed learning; and the gravity of his deportment and language, with the high tone which he exerted in setting forth the authority of the church and of the priesthood, impressed them no less with an opinion of his sanctity.
I infinitely prefer the tender and liberal spirit of Mainwaring, which, impressed with the deepest conviction of my merit, is satisfied that whatever I do must be right; and look with a degree of contempt on the inquisitive and doubtful fancies of that heart which seems always debating on the reasonableness of its emotions.
Their technique impressed him, but I fancy that he thought their attitude commonplace.
On the other hand, in mind he did not seem to have changed at all, and the culture which had impressed Philip at eighteen aroused somewhat the contempt of Philip at twenty-one.