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An advance or a loan of funds, especially for services rendered to a government.

[From obsolete Italian impresto, loan, from past participle of imprestare, to lend : in-, toward (from Latin; see in-2) + prestare, to lend (from Latin praestāre, to give, from praestō, at hand; see ghes- in Indo-European roots).]


1. (Commerce) a fund of cash from which a department or other unit pays incidental expenses, topped up periodically from central funds
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly Brit an advance from government funds for the performance of some public business or service
3. (Military) Brit (formerly) an advance payment of wages to a sailor or soldier
[C16: probably from Italian imprestare to lend, from Latin in- towards + praestāre to pay, from praestō at hand; see presto]


(ˈɪm prɛst)

an advance of money; loan.
[1560–70; probably n. use of obsolete v. imprest to advance money to < Italian imprestare]
References in classic literature ?
So spake, so wish'd much-humbl'd EVE, but Fate Subscrib'd not; Nature first gave Signs, imprest On Bird, Beast, Aire, Aire suddenly eclips'd After short blush of Morn; nigh in her sight The Bird of JOVE, stoopt from his aerie tour, Two Birds of gayest plume before him drove: Down from a Hill the Beast that reigns in Woods, First Hunter then, pursu'd a gentle brace, Goodliest of all the Forrest, Hart and Hinde; Direct to th' Eastern Gate was bent thir flight.
According to the report, the assembly used cash imprest of Sh689 million for the financial year 2016/17 to refurbish the cafeteria.
The city council also passed a resolution unanimously about the allocation of imprest account for the E Communication and Coordination Section.
Reconciles project accounts and monitors disbursement status, imprest accounts as well as
NAVSUP] FLC Yokosuka has also been supporting DPAA locations with Imprest Fund authority, which is important because most vendors in these locations still do not accept credit cards," she said.
In another interview, a local government chairperson countered this by stating that: "we have imprest [local government discretionary funds] to come to Calabar at any time for official business and meetings that will benefit our people" (Local Government Chairperson Calabar 2013).
The opportunities presented by EU Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) will further enable the Guimaras mangoes to contribute more to the growth of the local economy and the generation of jobs in the regions, TRTA 3 imprest administrator Lydia Guevarra said in a statement.
These stations have been provided with additional imprest of Rs2,000 each (Dh120).
5m ([pounds sterling]2m) from his employer by: (i) diverting imprest refunds that should have been deposited in its account; (ii) diverting funds from his employer's account through unauthorised cheque withdrawals into his own account; and (iii) diverting funds of rental income due to his employer.
For deposit accounts only, a customers foreign currency would be segregated, a receipt prepared, and the currency and receipt kept by customer name or account number in an imprest drawer.
In 1713, William Burgh wrote to Edward Harley, Auditor of the Imprest, assuring him that he had done all he could to help Lady Russell and explaining some of the problems he had encountered.
3) Thomas Kendall for the making of Dressings and other necessaries for the Children of her ma'es maske as appeareth by his bill of the particulers therof entituled the Bill for the Torchebearers signed by the said Thomas Kendall amounting to the some of xliij[li] xiij[s] x[d] & heere allowed and paid [as folioweth] viz to the said Thomas Kendall by waie of imprest by warrant from the Lo Sidney & william ffowler esquire [two of her ma[tes] Counsell] dated the xxxth of Decembre 1603 x[li] and to James Kyrton gent as parcell of ccxliij[li] xvj[s] ij[d] by him rec by vertue [of] a warrante signed by her ma[tic] bearinge date the xxth daie of Ianuarie 1603 xxxiij[li] xiij[s] iiij[d].