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1. Not suited to circumstances or needs; unsuitable: improper shoes for a hike; improper medical treatment.
2. Not in keeping with conventional mores; indecorous: improper behavior; an improper suggestion. See Synonyms at unseemly.
3. Not consistent with established truth, fact, or rule; incorrect: improper grammar; an improper conclusion.
4. Irregular or abnormal: complications due to improper functioning of the immune system.

im·prop′er·ly adv.
im·prop′er·ness n.
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Noun1.improperness - an improper demeanor
demeanor, demeanour, deportment, behaviour, conduct, behavior - (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people
incorrectness - lack of conformity to social expectations
inappropriateness, wrongness - inappropriate conduct
indelicacy - the trait of being indelicate and offensive
indecorousness, indecorum - a lack of decorum
indecency - the quality of being indecent
correctitude, properness, propriety - correct or appropriate behavior


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63 [hereinafter Lauderdale Contempt Order] (containing testimony of TBI Agent Mark Lane Reynolds regarding his training about the improperness of investigative holds).
It reminded of the many times that people had pointed out the improperness of my language.
He only knew about the improperness when the case was under the process of investigation.