improve on

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يُدْخِل تَحْسينات على
bæta viî, gera betur
daha iyisini yapmak

w>improve (up)on

vi +prep obj
(= improve)übertreffen, besser machen; nature, performanceverbessern; that can’t be improved upondas kann man nicht übertreffen
(Comm, Fin) offerüberbieten, gehen über (+acc)


(imˈpruːv) verb
to (cause to) become better, of higher quality etc. His work has greatly improved; They recently improved the design of that car.
imˈprovement noun
1. the state or act of improving or being improved. There has been a great improvement in her work; The patient's condition shows some improvement.
2. something which improves, or adds beauty, value etc. I've made several improvements to the house.
improve on
to produce something which is better, more useful etc than. I think I can improve on that suggestion.