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If he is the corrupter, who is the improver of the citizens?
For example, when he says that it is absurd to suppose that one man is the corrupter and all the rest of the world the improvers of the youth; or, when he argues that he never could have corrupted the men with whom he had to live; or, when he proves his belief in the gods because he believes in the sons of gods, is he serious or jesting?
He had been visiting a friend in the neighbouring county, and that friend having recently had his grounds laid out by an improver, Mr.
Rushworth," he continued; "but, had I a place to new fashion, I should not put myself into the hands of an improver.
You have been an improver yourself, and from what I hear of Everingham, it may vie with any place in England.
To this section belong economists, philanthropists, humanitarians, improvers of the condition of the working class, organisers of charity, members of societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, temperance fanatics, hole-and-corner reformers of every imaginable kind.
There was no national plan, no standardization, no staff of inventors and improvers.
One of these improvers lives over there at the "Seven Barrows" farm, another mystery of the great downs.
HYDERABAD -- The second semester examinations 2017 (morning/evening) regular, improver and failure have started at Sindh University main and sub-campuses on Monday.
40 Thirsk SP forecast 11-8 Made it a mildly worrying three seconds from four starts when runner-up over course and distance last time and would be vulnerable to an improver.
The 233-day TURN TO P12 FROM PUNTER ONE break shouldn't be a problem and he looks a typical late improver for shrewdie Sir Michael Stoute.
Charlie, the improver, was on his knees over the culvert, his arms elbow-deep in the dank water.