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1. Not providing for the future; thriftless.
2. Rash; incautious.

im·prov′i·dence n.
im·prov′i·dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.improvidently - in an improvident manner; "he lived improvidently for the moment"
providently - in a provident manner; "providently, he had saved up some money for emergencies"
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[ɪmˈprɒvɪdəntlɪ] ADVimpróvidamente
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Not to confer in each case a degree of power commensurate to the end, would be to violate the most obvious rules of prudence and propriety, and improvidently to trust the great interests of the nation to hands which are disabled from managing them with vigor and success.
He was gone immediately; and Emma soon saw him standing before Miss Fairfax, and talking to her; but as to its effect on the young lady, as he had improvidently placed himself exactly between them, exactly in front of Miss Fairfax, she could absolutely distinguish nothing.
In his 45th year in Congress (he was in the House 1975-1981), he will help this institution recover some of the power it has improvidently -- and perhaps unconstitutionally -- delegated to presidents.
The court reverses its previous ruling excluding such evidence as improvidently rendered.
United States<br />Case No.: 16-961<br />Focus: Writ of Certiorari <br />The writ of certiorari is dismissed as improvidently granted.<br />Ordered<br />Dissenting:<br />Concurring:<br />Full Text<br />[divider]<br />United States Supreme Court<br />Case Name: Laith G.
(4) In reaching its holding, the Court concluded that the text of the ATS does not evidence Congress's intent for the statute to confer jurisdiction over claims against corporations; (5) international law does not recognize corporate liability; (6) little authority exists at international law to hold corporations accountable for the acts of their agents; (7) and judicial recognition of corporate liability would invade the province of the legislative branch (8) and improvidently frustrate U.S.
Before the ALA, even the most improvidently granted patent would have cost at least $300,000 in legal costs and taken years to challenge.
2007), but the court determined that jurisdiction had been improvidently granted.
(23) Whether the state should actively protect people from harmful outcomes (including humiliation), or respect their self-determination, even when improvidently exercised, is a foundational question that has divided European and American conceptions of "privacy" for well over a century.
(21) Although the Supreme Court granted review of this important question, the Court ultimately determined that the parties had failed to adequately brief one of the certified questions, and dismissed the question as improvidently granted, leaving this important issue unresolved.
Justice Souter filed a separate statement to case, noting that he would "dismiss the writ of certiorari as having been granted improvidently." Id.

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