One who improvises.


a person who improvises


(ɪmˈprɒv əˌzeɪ tər, ˈɪm prə və-)

a person who improvises.
[1785–95; compare Italian improvvisatore]
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Director of "Sakhalayting" Ilya Kotokonov showed details of lamps with national ornaments, made according to the sketches of the well-known improvisator of khomusista Albina Degtyareva.
David Antin is primarily known as a brilliant talker, a performance artist or improvisator whose talk pieces belong, in the words of Michael Davidson, "somewhere among a standup comedian's rap, a storyteller's fable and a formal lecture.
To Lincoln, Alexie is "A stand-up comedian, the Indian improvisator [who himself] is the performing text" (267).
The Pick- Up Artist (1987), which has the definite advantage of being about an improvisator, so as to create a light-touch fusion between form and content.
French poet of the Parnassian school, known for his poems of satirical comment and for his peripatetic life as a strolling actor and improvisator.