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Verb1.improvize - perform without preparation; "he extemporized a speech at the wedding"
perform, do, execute - carry out or perform an action; "John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"; "the skater executed a triple pirouette"; "she did a little dance"
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The general secretary also exchanged views with provincial minister to boost up and improvize educational system.
(25) Soon the affect volume is deafeningly loud and he has to improvize ways to turn down other people's emotional messages.
I have several times heard him improvize for improvized exercises and his playing is exceptionally good and his teaching ability above the average.
Although activities are extensively prepared, in the execution of a script the modelling team can react flexibly to the need of the group and improvize. In planning specific tasks Andersen and Richardson (1997) list scripts for defining a problem, conceptualizing model structure, eliciting feedback structure, equation writing and parameterization, and policy development.
blind, am following the shadow of i/self, x/self, now truly decaffinated into dream; and I begin to write down and improvize from the write-down--these "dreams"--gleams--"gleanings"--which become--not the dream(s) as such but the process emerging from the dream(s)--become the fluid basis of what I regard as my first major work since these crises--so ?different from Arrivants and Ancestors, and yet still part of them, part of this long Saharan journey.
(3) A role improvization in which three assessees per session were provided with brief descriptions of their character and the setting and then instructed to improvize a 10-minute interaction.
In a recent paper, Brown and Eisenhardt (1997) found that successful product innovation combined limited structure with freedom to improvize. Similarly, Tatikonda and Rosenthal (2000) have shown that the task of balancing 'firmness' and 'flexibility' can be achieved through project management formality and project management autonomy and resource flexibility, respectively.