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n.1.The quality of being imputable; imputableness.
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2%), imputability could not be attributed to a single drug.
The guarantee declaration shall be made in writing with the express provision that the guarantee is subject to German law, without giving rise to the pleas of imputability, contestability and pre-litigation (Sections 770, 771 of the Civil Code); It may not be limited to a specific period and must provide the place of the client as the place of jurisdiction.
In chapter four, Assessment of the psychopathological basis of imputability, Dr.
This let us establish imputability between drugs and suspected ADRs.
The imputability to the United States of these attacks appears therefore to the Court to be established.
In their Contemporary Moral Theology they devoted more than half their treatment of fundamental moral theology to subjective imputability and its relationship to stress, unconscious motivation, alcoholism, and psychiatric problems.
This joint and several liability of directors with respect to the companies in which they serve is different from other fields such as mercantile, environmental or exchange control, in that as per the Organic Tax Code of 2001 the joint liability in tax matters is objective and thus exposes the director's patrimony without regard to his or her imputability.
236, 241 (1998) (arguing that the Nicaragua Test is applicable to the imputability of private acts for establishing state responsibility).
From this time, responsibility was deemed to rest on the triad of imputability (the ability to attribute actions to a clear, autonomous agent), accountability (the necessity to answer to authorities for these actions), and duty (the obligation to undergo punishment for the adverse consequences of agential action).
The imputability of this diagnosis could not be clearly established because only 1 set of blood cultures had positive results.